The Best Dog Bath Temperature

Best Dog Bath Temperature - K9ine Bubbles

A long day deserves a soothing bath. Steam rising off the water, relaxing music, a glass of something refreshing…

But what if getting in the bath sounds like the absolute worst? What if you don’t want the day to end because it means playtime is over? Chances are you might be covered in fur, answer to “sit” and “stay”—well, some of the time—and go by Fido or Rocky.

Ralph Doesn’t Look Like He’s Enjoying This Cold Water Bath

Best Dog Bath Temperature - K9ine Bubbles

Even so, every dog has its day for a bath. The key to affordable dog ownership isn’t shelling out spa fees every time there’s a bit of a wet-dog stench emanating off your pup, it’s drawing a bath that the dog won’t fuss over.

Tone the water temperature down from what you prefer for your own baths and then tone it down a bit more. Aim for the range between room temperature and lukewarm water.

Roxanne is getting cold hurry up mom and dad

Best Dog Bath Temperature - K9ine Bubbles

Certain dogs might like their bathwater closer to 75 degrees Fahrenheit while others want you to nudge that dial up toward ninety. The water should also be comfortable enough where you can keep your hands submerged without being bothered by it being too hot or cold.

If Fido doesn’t like it, cup your hands under the water and drip some on their shoulders or back. Like getting in the ocean, sometimes it helps to adjust before you take the plunge. Avoid splashing your dog’s face, as that will only increase their anxiety.

Bubba & Rico enjoying the beach. The warm water bath awaits.

Best Dog Bath Temperature - K9ine Bubbles

Be gentle as you adjust your dog’s position. Let the dog know it’s going to be okay by speaking in a soothing voice. If you can’t think of anything to say, you can steal my line, “Everything is going to be okay.”

After you lather up your dog and snap a few ridiculous doggy bath pictures, it’s time to rinse. To make sure your dog is accustomed to the water temperature, aim the hose or faucet onto your arm so you can make any needed adjustments first. If the spray is too harsh, block some of it with your hand as you rinse off the shampoo.

With the right technique and temperature, your dog can grow to love bath time almost as much as you do!

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