The Best Dog Bath Robes of 2020!

A cozy treat awaits your best friend when you wrap him in one of these adorable bathrobes! Whether he’s post scrub down or wet from some outdoor adventure you’ll love the novelty of a dog bathrobe. Save your carpets and furniture from that damp dog smell.

Samoyed in a bathrobe

The Lill’s Dog Bathrobe is made from sustainable materials. Each robe is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). Plush and highly absorbent, you can find a variety of sizes here.

Rainbow dog bathrobe

Brightly colored and oh so comfy the rainbow robe is available here.

Schnauzer in a bathrobe

Super absorbent and fast-drying, this doggy bathrobe has a velcro closure for extra warmth and security. Find the right fit here.

pug in a pink bath robe

This wonderfully frilly dog bathrobe is incredibly soft and highly absorbent. Find it here.

Poodles in pastel bathrobes

Adorable Alfie bathrobes are cozy and absorbent! Wrap your furry friend in warmth and comfort. Available here.

Hound in a black bathrobe

Lovely handmade bathrobe made to fit your dog, absorbent and easy to close. Find it here.

black and white terrier in a bathrobe

Extra cozy for your best friend, this robe is made from an organic cotton-bamboo medley. Find it here.

French bulldog in angel bathrobe

Soft and snuggly for your little angel! Made from highly absorbent 100% cotton. Find it here.

Pomeranian in ladybug bathrobe

The adorable ladybug bathrobe is made from high quality 100% cotton toweling. Find it here.

Golden retriever in kimono

The Minami dog kimono brings your pup a taste of the exotic. Find it here.

Dog in dinosaur bathrobe

The playful dino dog bathrobes are cuddly soft and cut for small breeds. Find them here.

This dog loves sleep bathrobe

“This Dog Loves Sleep” robe is made from Turkish terrycloth. Find it here.

Huskey in doggy dolly bathrobe

This sweet hooded robe from Doggy Dolly is made from 100% cotton. Find it here.

Bone dry dog bathrobe

The “Bone Dry” dog bathrobe comes in a variety of sizes. Made from 100% cotton terrycloth. Find it here.

Golden retriever in blue bathrobe

The Bonawen dog bathrobe is incredibly soft and luxurious. Made from cotton microfiber. Find it here.

Golden retriever in red velcro bathrobe

This fast-drying bathrobe by Geyecete is made from 100% cotton microfiber. Velcro makes for easy fastening and unfastening. Find it here.

Poodle in pink bathrobe

The hooded pet towel by Wonderful is made from high absorbency terrycloth. Find it here.

White puppy in blue bathrobe

The Ollypet bathrobe slips on like a poncho. Made with 100% soft microfiber. Find it here.

We hope you’ve found a bathrobe to suit your furry best friend!

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